Paul Marteau´s book

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Hi Everyone 🙂 Welcome to my website. I have made this blog available on this site. Here people can express their views on anything they want, on my translation of this book or any other esoteric topic that may be of interest to them. I did not at first have any intention of making my translation of Marteau into a book, however since several have expressed a desire to have a copy, I have. So, this is the main reason for this website. I am aware that the price of this book is a bit on the high end. If one prints locally and in only a relative small number, the price is not favorable unfortunately, and on top of this, anything printed in colour doubles the production price apparently. Anyways if demand is high enough price can go down in future.

Although I do not intend to act the policeman of what is expressed here, I would encourage people to be courteous, we will surely not agree on everything, but we can still respect the point of view of one another. – Marius