The Grand Etteilla

Published by Marius on

I am really exited to share with everyone, this book I finally completed on the Grand Etteilla tarots. As most of you know, there are just no resources to be found on how to read the Grand Etteilla tarots. Well that is to say, not until now. I have spent months translating my original Julia Orsini booklet from the 1840s, so as to create a skeleton for this book. This book includes a translation of the Lemarchand booklet as well as a translation of “Sciences des Signes” by d´Odoucet, so that all 3 versions of the Grand Etteilla are covered. I have also included modern interpretations and spreads too. Among the sources I have used are the books by; Collette Sylvestre-Haeberle, Claude Darche and Emmanuel San Emeterio. Anyways enjoy!