The Esoteric Eteilla Tarots

Published by Marius on

I have scanned and colored an old Spanish tarot deck by Francisco Teodomiro Moreno Duran from 1906 or as they are more commonly known; Dr. Moorne┬┤s Egyptian tarots or Tarot Egipcio de Dr Moorne from his book Los maravillosos secretos de los naipes Arte completo de echar las cartas. It is basically a Grand Etteilla deck with playing card images on the Minors and Kabbalah letters on the Majors. I have used the illustrations from an old Italian translation, I own from 1950, so there should be no copyright issue. Why reissue them? Well to be frank, the few decks, that are available out there, are awful, the US Games version the Tarocco Egiziano is made from thick plastic and has the worst green color palette ever, the Mexican Tarot Egipcios is not much better, the card stock is bad, colors are faded, atleast on my copy, which is brand new. I have taken the liberty to translate the titles of the cards into English. Cards are available as of now. They can be purchased as -print on demand items- with Please allow Game Crafter 4-5 weeks in handling, production and shipping. Anyways Enjoy!