The Grand Etteilla decks, now available on

After some delay I finally received my tarot deck prototypes! The Lemarchand and Z.Lismon tarot decks are now available for purchase as -print on demand items- with The price will depend on unit numbers. Please allow Game Crafter 4-5 weeks in handling, production and shipping. Enjoy!

Books on Amazon!

I have decided to make my books available on Amazon. Not only are the books more accessable now, they will also be cheaper. These books can now be purchased on Amazon in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia and Japan. Enjoy!

The Lemarchand Tarot deck

I have just recently acquired an original copy of a Lemarchand booklet from the 1860s. The Lemarchand booklet has some wonderful images of the Grand Etteilla, which unfortunately have never been made into actual tarot cards. Therefore, I have decided to print these as a deck. They will be available Read more…