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ETTEILLA or The Only True Way to Draw the Cards by Etteilla from 1773 in English. (Price in NOK)

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This book is an English translation of the very first book on card divination: ETTEILLA or a Way to Entertain yourself with a deck of Cards, from 1770. This is the expanded edition from 1773 (or The Only True Way to Draw the Cards). This is an absolute must-have for anyone wishing to explore the historic roots of card divination or want to apply the Petit Etteilla method using this work from the original author. Several comments are provided in the book to help the reader navigate the text. The book is in black and white and has several illustrative card spreads as described by Etteilla in 1773. Card images are the Provot from 1790 and have been provided by JC Flornoy Estate.

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