The Grand Etteilla

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The Grand Etteilla by Julia Orsini, Mlle Lemarchand and M.M. d´Odoucet. (Price in NOK)

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This book is an English translation of 3 books on the Grand Etteilla Tarots; the Julia Orsini booklet from the 1840s, the Mlle Lemarchand booklet from the 1860s and Sciences des Signes by d´Odoucet from 1806. This book includes a description of all 78 cards, the meanings assigned in the Upright and Reverse. Modern interpretations and card spreads are also included. The modern interpretations have been narrated using several, in particular French sources. This is an absolute must have for anyone wishing to decipher the Grand Etteilla Tarots. The book is in black and white and depicts all 3 card decks (3×78) of the Grand Etteilla Tarots, the version I, II and III. Tarot images are the Z. Lismon (version II) from translator´s own Julia Orsini original, the version III from translator´s own original Lemarchand booklet and the version I with permission from Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg Frankfurt am Main. The images on the cover, with credit to the Warburg Institute.

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